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Should Horror Fans Date Drama Queens? The Compatibility Behind Movie Genres

What type of films you are into can say a lot about your personality, as well as who might or might not be a good fit for you. We and our partner FandangoNOW asked our eharmony research team to do a little investigation into which movie genre fans that would work well together, and who may not be such a great match.

The team looked at over a million eharmony users, and found that the most popular movie genre was comedy — for both men and women. Over 70% of the guys and 64% of the ladies said that a good comedy was their go-to genre.

When looking at the personality traits of those into comedies, the researchers found that these folks value monogamy more than any other type of movie fan lover. Comedy fans are also more conscientious than science fiction film fans or fans of foreign films. They are more agreeable and extroverted than those who like science fiction, animated films, and fans of comic book/superhero films. Overall, comedy fans are easygoing and would be a fit with almost every other movie genre fan, especially because of their levels of adaptability.

Action movies came in as the second most popular genre for eharmony users. Fans of these flicks also highly value monogamy, are very conscientious, and less avoidant than those who love horror flicks. They are less religious than those who love historical dramas or romances. Comedy movie fans and action movie fans are a very compatible match. Fortunately, there are many films these days that combine the two: Think The Rock and Kevin Hart in ‘Jumanji,’ ‘Chips’, or  one of our older faves, ‘Tropic Thunder’.

Romantic films are very popular with eharmony users. Those who love a good romance flick rank highest in valuing intimacy and romance (no shocker there), and are the least neurotic of any movie fan genres. They tend to be more religious than other movie fans, rate highest on the attractiveness scale, and are very altruistic. A good movie match for romance movie fans would be those into comedies. Fortunately, there are plenty of romantic comedies to appeal to both partners. eharmony staffers particularly love ‘Midnight in Paris’ and ‘Wedding Crashers’.

Those into dramas are more athletically inclined than those into horror or animated features. They are intellectually curious, conscientious, and emotionally available. They fit well with action film fans and those who like romances, because all of these types are much more likely to be open with a partner and share their personal feelings more freely. They all highly value communication.

As one might suspect, fans of science fiction are very intellectually curious and super clever. They are less agreeable than those who like dramas or romance flicks, and less extroverted as well. A good movie match for the sci fi movie fans would be those into foreign films, documentaries, and horror flicks — think the ‘Alien’ franchise, ‘Event Horizon,’ or ‘The Thing’ (we love the John Carpenter version, personally.)

So, should horror movie fans and drama lovers get together after all? As eharmony is really all about those who are similar having greater relationship success, the answer would be a big no. Even though we do love a good horror/drama blended film (‘The Shining’, ‘The Silence of the Lambs’) these two types of fans don’t really share much compatibility. Horror fans (who we adore, by the way) are less conscientious and a bit more introverted than our expressive drama types. But we do see them fitting quite nicely with the easygoing comedy lovers (‘Shaun of the Dead, anyone?).

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